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Belt conveyors, computorized installations

This range of equipments correspond the requirements for transfering , packed and unpacked products,plastic trays , cartoon boxes, trays . Those equipments allow arrangement for cutting and deboning plants,primal cutting and pace line, gut processing room, packing and packaging area, by products and waste transport, loading or transfering between machines ...
Those products are always improved following new types of belts , new motor drums...

Belt conveyors

Curved conveyors
  • Roller conveyor , free or mechanized
  • PVC belt conveyors , straight or curved
  • Modular belt conveyors
  • Curves, inclined conveyors
  • Plastic trays doble chain conveyors
  • slatted polyethylen conveyor,or stainless steel slatted
  • Others...

Transfering units

Weight classify equipments
  • Flippers
  • Pneumatic pushers
  • Side transfer, trays transfer
  • Weight Classifying equipments
  • Others....

> Trays and boxes handling

Cartons boxes elevator
  • Pneumatic or electric elevator
  • Trays turn over emptying devices
  • Trays emptying equipments
  • Others...