Complet mastership at all stage

Sales department

Helped by design office graduate designers , sales department offer personalized solutions for any size of projet in any activity fields .

Staff :
- 5 sales men process France,
- 2 sales men export,
- 2 sales men for spares parts and  FREUND accessories.
- 2 sales assistant  
For a better service and knowing better your project, we can visit your premises . 

Design office

 In charge of making conception of project with detailed drawings . The R&D department is always studying new products and concept following requirements .

Our staff  :
- 8 graduate engineer as projects managers  
- 8 draft men  
- 4 graduate engineer at R &D ,
- 1 control engineer

Our project engineer managers, with 10 years experience or more follow the progress of your contract from the beginning to strating in operation.


Our manufacturing , controlled with the help of our different work shop integration ,give an easier control for quality and delivery time . CME is member of EHEDG , foundation created in 1989 for promoting hygiene of equipments .

To day, our workshop  include stainless steel manufacture, 
 black steel manufacture and  machine work shop .
All equipments and machine are pre assembled and tested before despatching on site. 

Our staff  : 40 workers , from stainless steel  tecnician , to electricians , including management 

Our  means  :   laser cut , Machine center , machine turned , bed blasting cabine..

Site Installation

Our Knwo how and our means are used by our fitters on site has no equivalent for refurbishing existing plants and builting new plants . Our experience make we can work in difficults situations .

Our working staff :
10 shift of 2 or 3 foremen install in France and all over the world our machine and equipments.We also have specific technicians for soecial machines .

After sale service

As soon as an ASS problem has to be solved , from your call , we guarantee a service till problem solved .

For helping this service , we have drawings records of all our installations since 25 years .