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Innovating equipments

Always listening our costumer's requirements, our R&D department research and develops new products, to increase productivity, quality, hygiene, working conditions ....

Robot on pigs lines

Robot 6 axis offering  high level technology and quality, silent, trajectories flexible system, improved device in many fields of industry.

  • Pig's bunging robot up to 700 pigs per hour
    > see the video

  • Opening and cutting breast bone for pigs; throughput  380 pigs/h  up to 700 pigs /h with 2 robots.
    > see the video

Pigs leaf lard puller assistance device

  • Those machines reduce considerably penibility of operator and keeping  accuracy of the job.
  • Throughput: up to 800 pigs/hour with  2 machines (1 right hand  + 1 left hand).

lift and tip device for bins

  • Mobile, hydraulic, with battery, or sector,
  • up to bins 1000 x 1200 with 700 kg loading charge
  • direct loading by fork lifter  
  • adapted chute for different kind of products
  • Tilting up to  105°, emptying height from  700 à 1100 mm following models, products and chute shape