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Overhead meat rails systems

> Rail systems

 According to types of products ,to loading charges, free or powered,  Couédic Madoré Equipment has developed differents overhead handling rail systems :

Transuni twin track rail
  • Round bar rail, 1,5" and 2", plastic rail
  • Aluminium twin track rail, TRANSUNI or  BIRALUX
  • Stainless steel twin track rail
  • Heavy twin track rail
  • Others...

Mechanized handling systems

Powered conveyors
  • Monoplaner, polyplaner, vertical powered conveyors
  • Standart  or mini oiling chains  
  • Driving units with limit torque control
  • Tension units , pneumatic or hydraulically controlled
  • Automatic greasing units
  • Conveyor type AM2, AM5, AM250, AM254, CMR, Forged chain...
  • Others...

> Equipments

Accessories and equipments range for handling systems

Lowering arm
  • Manuals switches or pneumatically operated
  • Lowering rails
  • Empty trolleys spiral storage
  • Loading or unloading arm rail for trucks
  • Elevating arms or liftings sections
  • Electric or pneumatic powered elevator or de elevator for level changes  
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic walking beam conveyor
  • Others...

Some specifics applications

Gut pan conveyor
  • Rail storage controlled by computer
  • Empty hooks and trolleys transport and storage
  • Carcass and quarters transport or storage
  • Pan conveyors (gut or others )
  • Others...