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Elevators, Lift and tip equipments

Couedic Madoré Equipement  design and manufacture all types of elevators according to types of trays, environmental area, loading charges ....

> Pneumatic Eurobins lift tip

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> Hydraulic lift tip elevator for heavy loads 5OOkg and big trays 1200x1200 mm

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Hydraulic side loader

> Electric column Lift tip for Jumbo trays

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This device had been approved and controlled by official authorities with a partnership of regional Chamber of Health Insurance . This equipment is not necessary to be  certify every year.

>Mobile lift tip equipment for big trays , on battery .

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Lift tip for palets

Others exemples for special manufacture

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  • Lift tip devices running on rail  manually pushed or powered
  • Lift tip device for big palets, Eurobins ,on rail powered
  • Hydraulic lift tip with side loading
  • Mobile lift tip device hydaulically powered
  • Others ...