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Hygiene equipments

Hooks washing

Couédic Madoré Equipement suggest a machine to wash the hooks, using the technology of the ultrasounds, it allows to automate the cleaning, the degreasing and the disinfection of hooks. This machine becomes perfectly integrated in your slaughter housewhatever the type of network or conveyor, Couédic Madoré takes charge of setting up.
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> Knife or tool sterilizer integrated at working area

  • Heated by electrical heater
  • Heated by hot water
  • By spaying hot water on tools

> Sterilzers for shears and saws

Washing cabinets

  • Washing cabinet for hooks
  • Shower for red offal
  • Others ...

Operators Hygiene

  • Wash hand basins integrated in working stand
  • Apron washers
  • Boot Washers ...

saw sterilizer

Apron and hygiene washing cabinet