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Working station and stands

Ergonomics and comfort are the main words for CME to design and manufacture working stations for the operator. The design is always tailor made according to operator and type of industry. 

Individual working station

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  • Adjustable board

  • Personalized working area

  • trays support, sharpeners, accessories

  • others

Fixed stands

Stands on processing line
  • Fixed stand on line
  • mobile working area
  • Supporting machine platform
  • Maintenance and access platform for a machine
  • Others

Rise and fall stands

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complete rise and fall stand
  • Pneumatic  Elevating platform
  • Elevating stand collecting all used water, simplified or complete
  • Front advance on stands
  • Multi fonctions stand , 2operators
  • Others

Specials , tailor made

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Fixed stand
  • Pluck despatching stand
  • others