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Pneumatic transport

For transporting products from differents collecting points to a receiving cyclon, CME develops differents transport systems including pneumatic  transport. According to products, distance, volume, our sales men suggest the most adapted system. 

Cannon blower

Cannon blower allows transport by bolwing air compressed . products are introduced in a tank and a guillotine vave close the tank . Air compressed is injected and products are pushed up the decompressed cyclon area.
 All stainless  steel made, tank is realized with EC 97/23 regulations.
  Kinds of products which can be transported: Paunches, fats , red offals, stomach contents, hairs, wastes, chickens...

Pneumatic suction transport

Our suction transport system allows the collection of products, transport of buly products, on a long distance.

Avaloir pour aspiration
  • Pipe diameter: from 114 mm to 354mm
  • Power of fan: from 5,5 kW to 55 kW
  • Distance of transport: Up to 100 meters
  • Exemples of transported products: waste by-products from lines, pig's head, beef's head, cattle's skins, fish bones, pigs and beef bones from deboning plant, packed products, udders, horns feet...